Stain and Refinishing

Jimmy's Custom Painting provides premium craftsmanship and has award winning results, because we truly understand wood and the effects of time, weather, area you live and the multiple types of applications available. Staining, sealing, finishing or refinishing woodwork is a challenging and time-consuming process, one that most painting companies don't do properly. Jimmy's Custom Painting has the professional expertise and skills to restore or refinish your woodwork, which will not only beautify your home, but offer a rich, warm welcome to your home.  

Our staff provides handcrafted workmanship, which produces first rate results to your woodwork, that will accent the interior or exterior of your home or business and bring out the beauty of its color, form and functionality.  Only the finest products are used, combined with decades of professional experience and expertise to preserve and protect your wood work from the harsh elements. The award winning results of Jimmy's Custom Painting ensure our work will contribute to the beauty and longevity of your home or business. 

Newport Beach, CA.